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Neil Wedge - Uppingham, Rutland

"Neil was the unofficial photographer at our wedding. He photographed our day in black and white and we were delighted with the photos, many of which we weren't even aware had been taken! Neil captured every aspect of our wedding celebration, including some of the key moments our official photographer didn't. On return from honeymoon, Neil had finished our album. It was lovely to have something to show friends and family who couldn't make the day, so soon after. We love every single photo and are so glad Neil was able to take photos for us."


Rachel Foxall

"It was important to me that our guests felt comfortable and that the photographs were an enjoyable part of the day as I have been to weddings before where I was elbowed out of the way by photographers trying to get the pictures they wanted of the bride and groom. Neil made sure that it was an enjoyable experience and even managed to put my camera phobic husband at ease! I had seen Neil's photos from another wedding and really liked the natural style. We were able to chat with Neil about what we wanted before the wedding and on the day it was very relaxed and fun. We were delighted with the results."


Leonie Gascoyne

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