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Welcome to my blog


I'll be providing updates here as I get my buisness idea up and running ready for 2015.


If I can help anyone in 2014 as I build my portfolio - just shout!

By Neil Wedge, Jul 19 2014 06:44AM

Hi Everyone

Just a quick update - it was an absolute pleasure to take the photographs of the award winners at the Albert Hall, Nottingham on Thursday 17th July.

A fun event with some justifiably proud award winners up on stage in front of their families and friends. Check out my menu under 'your moments' and select access training awards to see Mike Andrews the CEO of Nottingham Community Housing Association handing out the certificates.

A rewarding and enjoyable evening for the learners and Access Training. Thanks to the venue for their organisation and support on the night and the staff of Access Training who were all very well prepared.


By Neil Wedge, Mar 12 2014 09:04PM

Hi Everyone

Over the last week since refreshing the website I have been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by some of the feedback from Facebook friends, family and work colleagues who have all taken time to look through the site and offer some suggestions.

I have moved quickly to make changes as I have had some great ideas and thoughts come forward, so firstly thank you and secondly keep them coming!

The next couple of months will be used to gather some market research, test out some new ideas and get a plan together for 2015.

So thanks for your help!


By Neil Wedge, Mar 9 2014 06:18PM

A few days reflection since 4 busy days in Buckinghamshire with the team at The Trained Eye. I don't think I have ever written so many notes on a training course. I had already quite a few ideas on how to set up my photography business, I now have loads more and many, many questions to resolve!

I found the support from the tutors absolutely superb. Their feedback was honest, fair and consistently based on what they like and don't like personally. I guess that was the key message I picked up - define your style and then get consistent with it.

So I now have plenty of things on my to do list, the first of which was to refresh my website. This blog is part of that refresh with a new simpler layout and look and feel. I hope you like it.

If you are a keen photographer and want to set up your own business it's worth a look at the courses on offer - http://www.thetrainedeye.co.uk


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